Collecting a good set of outfit and equipment for a civilian will not be as easy as it seems. There is an almost endless choice of different brands, functionality, weight limits and so on. Along with this, there is also the problem that it is not so easy for the average consumer to get standard equipment that will be approved by the military. Accordingly, those, who do not have an industry ID, special status, or other weighty arguments, will have little difficulty in purchasing such equipment. Such restrictions are not valid everywhere – in the USA this rule will only apply to some states.

There are several companies whose build quality and equipment design is as close to the parameters of military equipment as possible. Let’s look at samples of authentic military equipment for civilians that are available for purchase for us.


A person, who wears uncomfortable shoes, will not be able to easily endure long distances, so they play a huge role when it comes to endurance and comfort. The BATES GX-8 COMPOSITE is a good example of boots that civilians really needs, they are resistant to kerosene, oil and dirt. They easy can be cleaned and they are highly breathable as well, especially when combined with and internal mesh lining, YKK nylon side zip and a padded removable panel for light ventilation. They have a non-metallic composite protective toe cap and a non-slip sole.

Tactical pants.

They will be a little different from the pants we are so used to. The difference will be that the tactical pants will pull up higher to make space for the tactical belt. Vertx’s Recon Pants are matched with a large number of pockets that can be used for knives, a smartphone, knee pad pockets; they also can be disguised. These pants are really comfortable; in addition, they are free and active enough for you to move around and exercise easily while wearing them. Elastic bands inside the pockets keep contents from sliding backwards and forwards as you move from position to position.

The jacket must be warm in order to protect a person from exposure to low temperatures, that’s why it must be on fleece. If so, Tactical Fleece can be the perfect garment for you. It has hand warmer pockets that work with Prym press studs and an YKK zip. The smooth layers were created with taking into account operational characteristics, and the jacket is made with all-weather materials.

A solid basis for all equipment is a shirt. For instance, a good option is the Tru-Spec Quarter-Zip Tactical, which uses adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs, shoulder pockets. The zipper is made from a blend of cotton and nylon, which makes it durable and easy to handle.

Tactical backpack. It ensures the transfer of everything you need with you, the amount of provisions that you need to take, the dimensions of the equipment, possibly cartridges, etc. depend on its size. It is also necessary to consider whether it will be comfortable for you to walk with it for a long time. The best is to choose dimmer shades that will match the surroundings. Camelbak’s revered backpacks are a good example of this, it’s lightweight, reliable, and they have many different attachments point and even a night vision pocket as well.

You will most likely need sunglasses. These goggles offer 100% UV protection. Often, such accessories for civilians have a special coating that protects against scratches and cracks. A special nylon frame is able to protect against many damages, not counting the exertion of great physical force on the goggles.

Chemical lanterns are also a beneficial attribute for a civilian. They must be waterproof, fire resistant and durable. One way of using is when a flashlight or fire is not suitable tool and the light hits brighter as the temperature rises. For instance, Pelican 2370 – has a magnetic dial to switch between red, green and white light. The design of the device consists of anodized aluminum and it has all the necessary characteristics.

In cold weather, not only jacket can save, but also a blanket. It needs to be light, easy to pack and it should warm well.

Which conclusion can we make from the article? Each type of equipment must have special qualities to help a civilian cope in certain conditions. Jackets, backpacks, goggles and other stuff are equipment that many non-military people can afford to buy, and samples of such equipment were mentioned earlier in the article.

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