What is tactical equipment in the modern concept? At the moment we can say for sure that such equipment involves using of several items of equipment, they include body armor, backpacks, knapsacks, and various types of ammunition. Even those details, that were first developed decades ago, have not lost their relevance; the maximum, that manufacturers could change, was improving and making them more functional. What is the purpose of existing of this type of equipment? Its target is storing additional ammunition, magazines, carrying some kind of weapon and many others functions that can be useful for a military person.

Among the traditional items of such equipment are special belts, body armor, gloves, knee pads, glasses, army boots and caps. Materials for manufacturing must be as safe as possible; they also should have functional elements with an increased level of reliability, heat and frost resistant and should be shock resistant.

The history of such equipment dated back thousands of years, and had a long way of development to the present day. For instance, in the United States during the Civil Wars, uniforms were made of wool with little layer of protection, which was the reason why men suffered from overheating and heat stroke in the summer and were frozen to death in the winter. Then armor and special clothing were called tactical equipment because of their combat significance, nowadays this equipment has changed a little, but continues to be relevant not only for the military, but also for civilians – fishermen, hunters, security guards, etc.

Initially, such clothing were worn with a specific goal, but later people began to be inspired by the military and law enforcement agencies, as a result – they picked up the trend for the so-called “fashion” for tactical equipment. Over time, the very phrase “tactical equipment” became like a way of rebranding needless military equipment and selling it to civilians. A new market for the sale of such equipment has arisen precisely on such ground – ordinary people can also have such military equipment if they want. People accepted the idea and actively employ it to this day for various aims.

Let’s look at the evolution of tactical equipment. For instance, do you know who the father of tactical pants is? His name is Dan Costa, he and his business partner formed the 5.11 campaign, in 1992 they were invited to a meeting in the FBI training section to talk about cargo pants, because the FBI itself wanted to make them standard for the entire agency. Since that time, the pants have changed a lot, and cargo pants have converted into combat trousers, their only common feature was deep pockets. Modern tactical pants, in addition to roomy pockets, knee protection and durability, they must be comfortable, and that is why they are wide. There is excellent stretch and good toughness of the pants thanks to the hybrid fit.

What can you say about shirts? Since 2007, Nomex Fireproof Combat Shirts and Desert Multicam Combat Shirts have become important components of the US uniform. There is a chance that in the nearest future such shirts will be bulletproof for low velocity projectiles, this will be achieved by using very durable material.

What provides mobility while moving for the military? Of course there’re boots. They must have a number of characteristics such as lightness of design, durability, waterproofing and airtightness. The minimum stress and risk of injury is achieved by these parameters.

Bulletproof vests are rated by the ability to stop certain types of projectiles. This type of equipment is divided into 5 rating levels, which are assigned by the US National Institute of Justice – II, IIA, III, IIIA and IV.

It is impossible to say with accuracy what new manufactures will make in improved details of tactical equipment. People are in need of improvement equipment to simplify missions. You need to do something innovative, which will be discussed as much as possible on the tactical market. And this pressure will push manufactures to create high-quality equipment from the best possible materials for using by both military people and civilians.

Let’s summarize what is considered as tactical equipment. These are different items of equipment – bulletproof vests, gloves, glasses, etc., which are intended for employing by the military, police and other structures. They have special properties – increased strength, high functionality of detached elements – they give the maximum effect when performing tasks. Today, tactical equipment is used not only by military, but also by civilians. Tactical equipment has been developed and improved for many years to achieve its current form, but it is clear that these is no limit to perfection, which means it will become more and more functional!

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