What no hunter can do without?  Of course, without the necessary equipment! It is always the best decision to think ahead about what might go wrong and how you can handle further situation. All this must be done in order to secure your hunting process and protect yourself or your group from undesirable consequences. For the initial hunt, you will need the most needful basic stuff, but later you will gain experience. It will prompt you, which details are missing and what you need to buy in addition for a subsequent successful hunt.

Hunting equipment varies depending on the type of hunt, but even experienced hunters always check the basic tools in their backpacks. What about such things?

  • First of all, the boots should be mentioned here. You should not save on when buying them – a lot really depends on them. No matter what animal you are tracking or chasing, boots will either help you or ruin your hunt if they are not comfortable. You will not be able to endure long distance, hiking or running, which you will most likely need to do while hunting.
  • Where are you going to keep all your gear? Of course, in a backpack, so it must be with right dimensions, which directly depend on the number of things that you will take with you. Poorly made backpacks, that can tear or break at the most inopportune moment – is hardly a thing that you would like to experience.  It is also better not to save on this equipment, so you will not create additional problems and inconveniences for yourself. Undoubtedly, you do not want to be noticed and frighten off the animal that is your subject of hunting, so the backpack must be with a camouflage print. An example of a good backpack is Badlands.
  • We will not be able to live long being in state of dehydration, a human constantly needs to replenish the balance of water in the body. Therefore, you should always carry a supply of water in the form of a bladder with you. It should keep a lot of it, and during preparation for the hunt you should pour it to the brim. In case you have lost your bladder or it becomes deformed or you run out of water supplies, you need to have iodine tablets with you.
  • If you are a bird hunter, decoys and calls will help you a lot. Calls also exist for deer and elk. All these tricks will help you in the process, so they should not be neglected.
  • Animals have not only good hearing, but also a good sense of smell. Most likely, the smell of your clothes or even perfume will be felt by them even faster than you get closer to them. Therefore, you need a special detergent for washing clothes that kills odors. Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold is a good odor neutralizer; it lasts several days and can be applied to both dry and wet gear.
  • A trail camera is a remote camera that a hunter sets up to not to frighten off nearby prey. They must be durable and weather resistant.
  • Headlamp – thanks to their mounting on the forehead, the hands remain completely free, this is very convenient. Red and green light do not scare animals so much, so it is better to choose them.
  • A first aid kit is also a necessary attribute.
  • Raincoat, toilet paper, provisions – necessary things in any conditions.
  • Sights, night vision devices – they help to ensure the most accurate shots at any distance.
  • Pocket knife – a compact folding knife with multiple blades. They can be applied to cutting ropes, slicing food, protecting, skinning prey, etc. There are also separate eviscerating knives.
  • Portable GPS is one of the best hunting equipment. Thanks to such equipment, hunters can always understand where they are and in which direction they are going, this is especially useful in new terrain.
  • Range finder – measures the distance to the target. The time and distance to the goal is quickly calculated and turned into measurements, which the hunter will employ.
  • Ammunition – you will always need to take more of them, than you thought you need.
  • Camouflage head net – useful equipment for hunting at close range.
  • Rope is also very beneficial, it does not take up much space, but it can help, for instance, to build a shelter if you are away from the camp.

You have refreshed your knowledge, so now you are totally ready for a new journey. You can start prepare your weapons and go hunting!

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