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Ghost Army Tactical/Propper "Penumbra" Snipers Tactical Boonie Concealment Hat

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Price: $49.99
Manufacturer: Ghost Army Tactical

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We are proud to introduce the "Penumbra" a tactical shooting / snipers concealment boonie hat like no other. Made right here in our para loft this hat combines the qualities of a gille cover and boonie hat. Starting life as a Propper boonie our, hats go through an extensive reworking to become Penumbras. Loop velcro panels are added for the addition of patches. Brim and top are covered with attachments for scrim, the hat can be integrated into any Gillie Suit. The tops are removed and replaced with a vented mesh which allows superior airflow to keep your head cool while offering both concealment from the sun and prying eyes.   Great for hunting.

  • 550 Shock / Para Cord Attachment points cover the hat for addition of Gillie Suit Scrim
  • Heavy Duty abrasion resistant nylon mesh covers the top of the hat creating a large heat vent with out letting sun light in
  • VELCRO (R) brand hook-and-loop fastener  Panel on side of hat for IR Glint Tape, large panel on top of hat for IR Distress Beacon Attachment
  • Made in the USA

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