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Items including: Flags, Name and Branch Tapes, Unit Insignia, Qualification Badges, Infrared IFF items

(Please Note; Items that are custom in nature can take up to 4 weeks to ship due to delays and back logs in production and material shortages, if you have a special time constraint please inform us.

(For military quotes, please contact the retail store at 1.757.301.8718, they will be happy to take your information!)

Infrared IR Glow Patches
Infrared IFF For Use With NVG's. NATO Countries Only.
US Army  Unit Patches
U.S. Army ACU Foliage Green VELCRO (R) brand hook-and-loop fastener Unit Patches.
US Army ACU Qualification Badges
Black subdued metal and cloth qualification badges
US Army ACU Uniform Shoulder Tabs
ACU Uniform Qualification and Novelty Tabs.
Allergy and Blood Type Patches
Blood Type & Allergy Patches For Quick Treatment
Flag Patches
Multicam, Desert, Olive, Full Color, Forward and Rear Facing.
VELCRO (R) brand hook-and-loop fastener and Non  Name and Branch Tapes in Hundreds of Colors and Combos
U.S. Military Custom Name and Branch hook-and-loop fasteners Tapes
US Military Rank Patches
Rank Patches in Marpat, Multicam, ACU and more.
Customizable US Military Issue, ACU or Multicam helmet bands for the MITCH ACH Kevlar Helmet. Choose from one sided or three sided band.
Morale patches produced right here at Ghost Army in Virginia Beach. Keep checking back for new patches.
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USMC Flak Jacket/Vest Patch w/Velcro®
Price: $9.99
USMC Flak Jacket/Vest Patch w/Velcro®
USMC Flak Jacket/Vest Patch w/Velcro. Each patch can be personalized with four lines of text. Available with a coyote tan background fabric and brown thread.
US Military Custom Stainless Steel Identification Personalized Dog Tags
Price: $6.99
US Military Custom Stainless Steel Identification Personalized Dog Tags
Wearing of the tag is required at all times by soldiers in the field. It may contain two copies of the information and be designed to break easily into two pieces.
Ghost Army Connector Double Velcro Flag
Price: $7.99
Ghost Army Connector Double Velcro Flag
Show your colors! Ghost Army Flag Connector Patch. These are made right here by us. You can place an IR flag over it and them simply remove to go no IR Glow but still show your flag.

GHOST ARMY FROG Rank Patches on the cover!


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