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Cyalume Lightstick 12 Hr.

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Price: $1.99
Manufacturer: Cyalume Lightstick

Cyalume's 6" light sticks offer 360° of illumination.

They are foil wrapped for light/moisture protection, maintenance free, non-toxic, non-flammable, and waterproof.

Proven effective by military forces worldwide for over 40
years, ChemLights enhance both night time tactical
operations and training safety. Many of the military land, sea,
and air applications are enshrined in doctrinal literature from
standard operating procedures to tactics, techniques, and
procedural manuals. Customers such as the Department of
Homeland Security, enforcement agencies, and FEMA
have adopted uses for ChemLights similar to the military
and developed unique applications of their own.
Continually advancing the world of chemical lights,
Cyalume has developed a new patented phthalate-free
formulation for all ChemLight products. Now available with
a hook and gate top that allows more versatility when in
use. ChemLights are available in visible and non-visible
colors. They are non-flammable both before and after
activation, maintenance free, non-toxic, and waterproof.

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